Best Wooden door frame in India

Wooden Frames

Wooden frames and doors are the top choices for interior designers and homeowners. Wooden door frames are a premium selection for your property and showcase a rich sense of texture, movement, and beauty. Wooden door frames are extensively used for designing doors in residential and commercial spaces efficiently.

Designed and manufactured in the heart of Rajasthan, pink city Jaipur, Dormak doors are the best in functionality and dynamism. We are committed to offering the best wooden door frames in India with the highest quality standards and professionalism. Our door frames are available in diverse tones and patterns. The amazing wooden frames can be availed from us at the most budgeted rates.





wooden frames

Benefits of Wooden Frames

  • temperature Resistance

    Wooden frames are not affected by temperature because the wood has high Resistance values.

  • Fire And Elect

    Wood is a bad conductor of heat and electricity so less prone to condensation.

  • Appearance

    Wooden frames give very good or attractive looks in the building.

  • best Finish

    They provide the best finish

  • painted Polished

    Can be painted or polished in any shade.

  • warping Bending

    No chance of rusting in the wooden frame.

  • wooden Beading

    The problems of joints with frame and masonry can easily be solved.

  •  Maintenance Wooden Frame

    Maintenance of the wooden frames is easy and cheap.

  • Good Quality Timber

    They have a long life if good quality timber is used.

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