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Dormak provides a comprehensive range of doors with exquisite look, creative and classy look. In the choice of Doors for Hotels, are designed in such a manner that gives rise to harmonic and elegant environments, consistent with the brand image that they represent. Hotel doors as being highly secure for the consumers as they should feel comfortable.

Hotel doors are designed in a manner so that consumers not only feel comfortable but also feel satisfied with the choice of doors. Today all the doors of hotels access to the room must meet the requirements for fire resistance EI30 and be an approved assembly frame and door.

  • Hotel Doors Manufacturer
  • Hotel Doors Manufacturer

Things to keep in mind while buying Doors for Hotel Industry:

The appearance of your hotel plays a key role in determining how other people are going to view you. Hotel interior design adds taste and class to your business and will keeping it confronting and inviting will make guests want to return. There are certain factors that you need to consider while buying doors for your hotel:

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Style and Durability

Choosing the right material of a door is an important decision to make while buying the door for your hotel because it provides style and design aesthetics of your interiors.

The doors can also be customized according to your personal needs in order to be in line with the room décor.

Low Maintenance
Low Maintenance

Doors selected for the hotel rooms should not incur maintenance charges. The doors should be made of material that can deal easily with changing weather conditions.


This is the most important factor while choosing the doors for your hotel rooms because it is the place where someone will share the personal space.

Selected door should be manufactured in a way that it needs to provide the sense of security to the customers.

Easy to access
Easy to Access

The doors should not include complicated methods to open and close or else it would be useless as it does not provide the customers quick accessibility to their rooms.

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