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Dormak is proud to introduce the revolutionary range of steel doors to keep your loved one safe and secure. As a most trusted brand in the Door manufacturing sector, these doors are durable, secure, long-lasting, termite-proof, fire-resistant, water-resistant and environment-friendly doors. Designed with a wide range of design, finish, color choices to choose from, the doors are best suited aesthetically for residential spaces. One can choose the material of the door, whether, steel or wood as per the preferences.

Remember the days when you had to choose the material of the doors, measurements, selecting the design and then paying extra for polish, delivery, and installation. If you want to give your residence or apartment a perfect and exquisite look, Dormak doors are the perfect one-stop solution that provides convenience.

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Things to Keep in Mind while Buying Residential doors :

Choosing the right doors for your home gives you an exciting chance to add some personal style to your entry and to your doors. We provide a wide range of doors from which you choose to add a personal touch to your house. There are certain factors that you need to remember while buying doors for your sweet home.

Types of Doors

Manufactured by using different materials, these doors are available in a wide variety of choices catering to every need of the customer. Ranging from affordable premium doors to extremely premium doors, these best quality doors are durable, fire-proof, termite-proof and aesthetically premium and much more. These doors offer low maintenance with 100% resistance to weather.


Security is an important issue in Indian for the safety of your loved ones. You should have strong and sturdy doors and gates in place since the potential intruders might try to break into your house. Updating your house with the best quality doors can increase the value of the house leading to advanced safety and efficiency.


Doors are available in various configurations- single opening or double opening. You can choose the door which suits your décor of the house.


While buying a glass-based door, one should keep in mind to buy a double-glazed glass because it keeps the home cooler during the summers.

painted Polished
Colour and Design

The door should be constructed in such a way that it should be the right color and design which should match the home décor.

Durability and Maintenance-free

The doors used to be sturdy enough so that they withstand the rough conditions and changing climatic conditions. There are a wide variety of materials that the door can be made from. Also, the door should have low maintenance charges as the doors will be used regularly in the residences.

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