Laminated Frames
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Laminated Frames

The Frames in this range are water-proof and covered with High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) which give them a perfect finish. Manufactured with the best raw materials available and cut by the latest manufacturing techniques and machines, these frames are capable of withstanding the harsh climatic conditions.

These frames are extensively used for designing doors in residential and commercial spaces efficiently. Available in different sizes and thicknesses, the provided frames can be availed from us at the most budgeted rates.


Ready to use

Easy to clean

Excellent bonding

Laminated Frames

Benefits of Laminated Frames

  • Weather Fluctuations

    Weather fluctuations do not affect laminates; they are not vulnerable to change.

  • Laminates

    Laminates are more economical than solid doors but hold the same visual effect.

  • Exposed Lippings

    Edges can be lipped to create a mitered edge or bordered with exposed lippings.

  • Warping Bending

    Laminated doors prevent warping and bending.

  • Security

    Laminates add an element of security.

  • High Impact

    Laminated doors can withstand a high impact.

  • Laminates Color

    There is a huge range of laminates, color patterns, and wood grain.

  • Highly Scratch Resistant

    High-pressure laminate doors are highly scratch resistant.

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