Wooden Door designs in India
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Wooden doors are secure, noise-canceling door designs in wood. Wooden door designs complement the architectural design of the house as well as fit in with your personal style. Dormak is synonymous with being the best wooden door manufacturers in India. We offer the best door designs in wood. A wooden door design stands for Tradition, Beauty, and elegance. It’s the best way of providing warmth, security, style, and elegance. Our wooden doors are made with high-quality timber from different pieces of plywood or sometimes laminate, with hardwood adding support. They come with great energy-efficient insulation capabilities and as they’re finished off with thick plywood you’re guaranteed a strong door design in wood.


  • Safe and secure
  • Heat Insulated
  • Elegant Handcrafted Doors
  • Noise Resistant
  • High-Quality Timber
  • Moisture Proof
Wooden Doors

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