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Our Industrial door systems provide safe, secure, efficient access and include roller shutter doors, high speed doors, sectional overhead doors and docking bay doors. Dormak provides all services and products that are needed to deliver a complete solution. We take full responsibility for design, supply, install and service.

Dormak has a full-line of solutions including Industrial cold storage and high speed roll up Doors that meet virtually any application.

Aesthetics are undeniably an important factor when selecting doors. These space-saving door systems can be adapted to different industrial facilities using various track applications. This gives you planning reliability when building a new facility or renovating.

Ensuring your facility has the right doors to meet different needs can be difficult. That's why Dormak offers an extensive line of interior and exterior industrial doors to match nearly every situation that calls for an industrial doors.

Industrial Doors

Things to keep in mind while buying Industrial Doors :

An industrial door separates two zones by offering acoustic and thermal insulation. This allows easy circulation of goods, machinery and staff personnel within the buildings. As a key element in the organization’s logistics, and the industrial door must be selected according to the requirements and working conditions. There are certain factors that you need to consider while buying doors for your educational institutions:


To choose the right industrial door, you must know whether it is to be used indoor or outdoor. It is important to know where or what will be the working environment in which it will be placed.

Closing Doors
Opening/Closing of the Door

Doors can open in several different ways, such as sliding upwards or swing doors opening to the right or the left. Other doors open outwards or inwards. Considering how a door opens is essential to ensuring that operations run smoothly in your facility. The space available to install the door is an important constraint to consider.

Good Qaulity Timber

It is important to know the type of material used to make the door. Doors can be made using aluminium, steel, wood or vinyl. The recommended material for making the doors is steel as it posses high strength, security, and durability.

Size of Doors
Size of Doors

The size of the door is dependent on where it is being placed. The use of doors over 10 meters wide is not recommended as these doors are more difficult to open.

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