CMD Profile

Mr.Jitendra Goyal:- The Director,Founder & the Mile Stone of "DORMAK". A tremendous entrepreneur and an entity in its own. A name which symbolize passion and development .This Dynamic personality is MBA in Marketing from Pune. he belongs to a business family where he got the understanding of all building material and its uses, their by he started his career by keeping in mind his vision is to make things simpler and as per international standards, to save the cost of man power and to achieve international standards in safety and aesthetics.

In the path of his business career,with his wide experience of more than 10 yrs in the Door manufacturing sector.He came forward with an innovative & creative concept of Luxury yet affordable designer concept of Door & Door frames, with a Door step "INSTALLATION SERVICES" as an addition & their by successfully achieving his dream of Inception to become an organisation that would be a"ONE STOP SOLUTION "for all styles of Doors.

He has successfully achieved the bench mark to work with an array of esteem clientele to serve with a huge & vast product mix, their by he has created a distinguished identity by his visionary approach & expertise has steered the growth of "DORMAK" by all means & efforts.