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We can provide Membrane Designer Doors in 3 different kind of door structures. These are different from each other in terms of Routing Depth, Texture and Front Look.

Door Design

Membrane designer doors are pecuniary & budgetary concept of doors to serve designer doors to all class of society with exclusive solid routing designs on flat surface, herein 2.5-4mm routing is done on the HDF sheet or core of flush doors, which is further covered by PVC foil using vacuum press technique.

Membrane Doors can be served with below 2 options :-(Dormak Recommendation)

  • On HDF with particle filling which gives the finest look
  • On Flush door with particle filling.

Door type: - Plain HDF door / Flush door

Types of flush door: - single core/double core

Types of filling in flush door :-particle filling/ hardwood filling/pine wood filling

Frame options: -only 3 inch side frame and top/bottom 4 inch

Size Availability:-

Thickness HDF Plain :- 32mm, 35mm

single core flush door :-30mm

double core flush door :-32mm

single core flush door :-35mm

Width 24inch to 72 inch
Height 72inch to 96 inch

Double door of 18 inch and above also possible measurement of minimum 24 inch taken for single leaf.

Design options:

21 Designs are provided in catalogue. Other than this customization option is also available One side and both side design both option available

Membrane colors:

All basic shades are available and color can be changed as per choice.


These doors can be altered 25mm from each side.


Minimum average of 17 sqft needed for these doors.

Minimum delivery time 12 days.

Installation Instruction:

  • Membrane premium doors are heavy in weight it should be fixed with atleast 4 hinges.
  • All the edges of the door should be properly painted and sealed.
  • In case the door is altered it should be properly planed after cutting.


First packed in PVC sheet then in corrugated box.

Types of Membrane Designer Doors