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Why should we use fire-rated doors (Fire Doors) in our house?

As the lifestyles have turned complex, that the design of houses and buildings have changed as per needs and trends, which has also necessitate the requirement of fire safety in our house due to increasing number of fire accidents. Fire safety has become major concern and thereby our expectations from product and services as well as the service provided have increased a lot.

How does fire-rated door (Fire Doors) works at the time of fire?

When there is fire, the temperature increases from 600°C to 1000°C in couple of minutes and that burns out an ordinary wooden door in 5 to 8 minutes. Fire-rated door has a typical design to stand and perform in case of fire. Special high density door frame (door jamb) as per rating of fire rating 30 min, 60 min, 120 min are used, which has been specially designed.

What are the parameters while choosing a door for your home? & How to choose a door for your home?

As the things are becoming more complex, we should look for doors with increased lifespan and ease of maintenance.

These are the areas which influence our decision.

  • Aesthetics: This is the prime focus area while choosing a door...

What type of Door Frame (Door Jamb) we should use in our home?

There are various types of door frame available in the market, Solid good frame, Ply wood frame, Metal frame, WPC frame, Stone/Granite frame these are commonly used of the frame which are further finished with various types of Veneer, PVC foil laminate which are also available in various colours and texture.

What is the difference between conventional way of installing and new way of installing the door?

Conventionally, we used to buy wood then dry it for a longer period. Lots of wastage and man power involvement is there, we used to fix the frame with a hold fast at the initial level of construction, while the construction is going on...

How to select the best door for your house?

Doors are usually the most neglected part of the house yet the most important one. We don't really care about the maintenance of our doors but whenever we think of the security of house, we want to have a durable door, isn't it? Frankly, it is a tough task to select the perfect door for your dream house and it should be selected very admirably as not every door can embellish your house as you eant it to. Here are a few tips that can help you...

5 Things To Check Before You Buy A Door

Are you looking forward to buy a door for your newly constructed home or office? Or you want to change the old rusted and cracked one. We know, so many options can confuse you in prioritizing design over toughness or toughness over-design; which is a dilemma.But if you are confused and need a checklist that can help you make your decision then you should read further...